General Terms

  • Half-Down Payment is Non-Refundable.
  • Half-Down Payment is due when contract is signed, or worked agreed upon, and before work begins.
  • Remainder due upon approval of work, and before files are released to customer.
  • Once Approval is given on a design/project, or portion of a project, any additional changes after the fact will be billed at our current hourly fee.
  • Payment on invoices are due within 15 days of receiving invoice.
  • Invoices 45-60 days late incur a late fee of 5%. 60+ incurs fee of 15%.
  • If customer check bounces, $35 fee will be charged to customer.
  • On hourly work, there is a 15 Minute minimum at our current hourly rate.
  • Proposals remain valid for 20 days from the date issued, unless otherwise stated.
  • WordPress is a powerful tool, that makes editing your site easy. There are some sections of your site though that if edited could effect the layout or functionality of your site. During your WordPress training, we will advise you as to which sections to edit, and which sections not to. If you damage your theme or WordPress install due to editing sections we advise against and need our help to fix it, we are available for our hourly fee.

For Hosting Customers:

  • Basic Package: Includes training on WordPress platform, generally handled over the phone. If a special case arises and you must have in-person training, we can arrange that, depending on your location, for a fee of $100. We guarantee though that our over-the-phone training will have you more than competent in every aspect of your site, and training videos can also be produced if necessary. Once we have trained you, any additional training or help with the WordPress platform will be billed at our current hourly rate. Basic server & email support is always included.
  • Full Service: Includes the same training as Basic package, but offers continued basic WordPress support. Some issues however may be too complex, and may need to be billed hourly. This would be discussed in detail with the customer, and the added time explained, before any work would start. Basic server & email support is always included.